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The company was founded in 1984 by late Shri G.S.Karnavat and his associates with the object of financial industrial enterprises. Thereafter during 90s, the company diversified in the IT Sector. The business was carried out in the name of "4s Infotech" . It was providing IT Consulting activities, helping clients to perform better through effective IT solutions. It was engaged in ERP, Software solutions and software services for its clients and developed an Expert Maintenance Management System (EMMS)for specific needs of manufacturing industry. This activity was carried out by the board of the directors of the company and the team comprising of professionals from various fields including IT, Finance, Taxation etc.


Company brought the Preferential offer of the its equity shares during 2002-03 to finance the its new business activity and amended the its object as under :-

To carry on the business of owners and operators of all kinds of value added services including payment gateway services and international gateway services, long distance telephone services activities etc.
To carry on Email & Web site code, Information Technology, lnternet products Technology and activities of company related to lnternet and Email and web site products services in connection of the main objects.
To act as franchisers of computer, education centers, offer manpower recruitment services , offer internet services
To engage in India or abroad internet and Multimedia training , implementation providing private ISP , CD ROM, Drive applications, Video conferencing Devices, Interactive television, Satellite communication and Networking Consultancy.

Due to slackness in the IT Sector, company reduced its IT related activities gradually

Company has strong business association with the leading manufacturers of power ancillary sector who have been awarded with prestigious certification & standards.

The company has now been trying to expand the business and is in the process of appointing professionals and independent directors to expand the business of the company.

The company envisages a vision to grow by consistently achieving customer delight and being the most preferred partner to every stake holder.